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What's the difference?

What is CBD Paste?
CBD paste is made of our proprietary strain of cannabis, which after 4 years of crossbreeding is below .3% THC. The law states that hemp must be under .3% THC which our amazing strain is. CBD paste is extremely high in all cannabinoids(excluding THC) but especially high in CBD(cannabidoil), making it one of the best cannabinoid products on the market. 
What is the difference between industrial hemp and medicinal hemp?
Industrial hemp contains around .2% THC and with luck 2-3% CBD. It’s purpose is to make paper, biofuel, textiles, clean the air, and 200+ other uses that have nothing to do with medicine. Medicinal hemp has been crossbred with marijuana in order to bring the non-psychoactive benefits of medical marijuana into the hemp. Medicinal hemp is traditionally high in many cannabinoids( excluding THC) and has been used to treat a variety of conditions including Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Cancer, and Autoimmune Disorders. Research is being published constantly on new uses for medicinal hemp.  
Why isn’t your CBD Paste concentrated?
There are many complications in concentrating Hemp. There is no way to concentrate only one cannabinoid: all of them get concentrated. We wanted our product to be as natural as possible. Due to the high CBD strain that we use, 21.67% CBD and .24% THC, we don’t need to concentrate our product like many other CBD businesses. In order to concentrate hemp you must add solvents or chemicals to it. Our process is solvent and chemical free allowing the body to use the cannabinoids without having to fight any chemicals. 
What separates CBD Paste product from the other CBD products out there?
Besides no solvents, chemicals, or butane needed to concentrate our product, we use a superior fatty oil(MCT oil). MCT oil bonds with the cannabinoids and helps them travel through the blood-brain barrier: giving faster relief of symptoms. Due to this added oil, our product is medicinally superior. 
Why is CBD so expensive?
CBD doesn’t have to be so expensive. That’s part of why we created this paste. Due to our methods and using the highest CBD strain available, we are able to provide the most competitive price in the market. Research CBD prices and you will find an average of 20 centers per mg or higher. CBD Paste is 8-10 center per mg, 50% below the average. Better quality, better price, better product.